I have to thank you once again for an exceptional job on my basement. I just hated going down there, and just didn’t know where to begin. When I got home and saw the finished product of your hard work, I was completely overwhelmed. I could never have achieved that level of organization in the 7 hours it took you; it would’ve taken me days and days. I would recommend your services to anyone (and I will) and I really look forward to working with you again. Many Many thanks.
Louise C from Georgetown

Thank you so much for all your hard work! I was so happy when I came home. It looks so great. Even the areas that aren’t done are much easier to deal with now. Everything looks wonderful. I also love what you did with my Twilight books! I’ve been meaning to figure out a way to keep them. I also like what you did with my little figurines. They are so neat and look great in their little spots. You seemed to understand me.
Meghan J.

Thanks Anna! Your organizing skills are amazing and you certainly helped me to de-stress my life as well as de-clutter. If you need a recommendation don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks and good luck!
Sue D.

Anna, has been “organizing” me since 2001. My home and my office. From garage to basement, kitchen , bedroom closets, linen closet and dresser drawers. Sorting and filing personal and business documents. She does it all in a very efficient and timely manner. I feel very fortunate to have found her.
Joan G. Oakville On

Wow! I never realized how much living space I had until I came home to a perfectly organized condo. It was well worth the money. Now that everything is where it belongs it’s easy to keep the place clean and in order. Anna you’re a life saver!


You are a life saver. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train! Cliches aside, you have helped me more than you know. Will be in touch, probably sooner than later.
Natalie O.

Anna, thank you so much for your hard work, it has really broken the back of my logjam here. I would recommend your services without hesitation, and I hope that our paths cross again.
Johnny L.

“Imagine leaving your house with a basement and garage you couldn’t even walk through and returning home to a neat, clean and organized living space! Organize 4 You is the most amazing service. I would highly recommend it to anyone who’s not so organized; like me!!!!”
Karen G.

“We combined two households and 4 teenagers by a new marriage. The excess stuff lead to an apparently insurmountable mass of we didn’t know what. Then the construction gave it a fine patina of plaster dust. For 8 months we avoided it like the plague, then we found Anna In three days she cleaned it all away and gave us our basement back -plus all the books were sorted by category as a bonus. She is worth her weight in gold.”
Don and Heather S

It is so strange going into the living room. It’s like going into someone else’s… it is beautiful! My kids came over today and we’re literally shocked. My son in law was really impressed! I can’t wait to get the rest done! Doing this for me has boosted my happiness and self esteem so much! Wow… am I glad I hired you!
Linda H

I have been remiss in writing and thanking you for the amazing job you did in the basement. Every time I go down there, I can’t believe the magic you worked. I will be able to get to everything now and really cull it out. I am sure I will be using you again, but not until the spring. Meanwhile, if you need anyone to sing your praises, I would be glad to do it. Especially if you have a reluctant soul. Ha! We’ll keep in touch.
Pam M.

Have you ever considered the blessing you are to people by taking loads off of their minds, bodies and shoulders? You are literally relieving people of burdens and it makes them emotionally, physically and spiritually healthier!!! Consider it, it will be a tremendous boost to your mind and heart as you realize it is not just a job you are doing!!! Wow!!! Thank you for that!
Barb I.

I keep opening the closet doors to enjoy the view.
Ken I.

Hi Anna. You truly are a magician-you did a wonderful job. It was such a pleasure to see you! Have a lovely evening! Karen H.