Examining the cost of clutter makes the reasons to hire Organize 4 You very clear. Organize 4 You offers professional organizing services that can increase productivity, save you money, and give you peace of mind.

Time is irreplaceable

This is the # 1 excuse for disorganization but the real cost we forget to consider is our time.
Do you frequently spend time looking for things and end up late for appointments, work or meeting friends?
Do you waste time because you have difficulty making decisions?
Do you have difficulty finding enough time for all areas of your life: work, family, play, and private time?

Money: Just Imagine

Make no mistake it costs more to remain disorganized than it costs to get organized.
Consider your own scenario by taking a minute to calculate the real costs of clutter in your life.

Cost of the space you occupy: You pay a premium cost for residential/office/storage space per square foot. Consider how much of this space is filled with junk.
Income: The time spent doing things unproductively may be affecting possible promotions, salary increases, or profit margins.
Overpaying: Are you paying interest due to late payments? Extra fees because you often misplace or lose bills? Storage fees to store “junk”? Have you purchased the same thing more than once because you can’t find the first one you bought? Or you’ve forgotten you had one already?
Depreciation: Resale value of your property goes down when neglected.
Relationships: Disorganization comes between people in both your personal and professional life. Are you embarrassed to have people over? Are you missing important engagements? Do you feel you’re giving people an impression of you that you don’t want to live with? Is your clutter affecting your marriage? Is that a price your willing to pay?
Health: Are you frequently taking aspirin or stomach medications, for example, because of the stress your disorganization is causing? Health is critical to your well-being.